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The Fifth International Planning Competition

The International Planning Competition has been a bi-annual event. The objectives of the competition are to provide a forum for empirical comparison of planning systems, to highlight challenges to the community in the form of problems at the edge of current capabilities, to propose new directions for research and to provide a core of common benchmark problems and a representation formalism that can aid in the comparison and evaluation of planning systems. Although the series has a competitive style (individual systems are identified for exceptional performance at the event itself), the focus is on data-collection and presentation, with interpretation of results being understated. The real goal of the competition is to make as much data as possible available to the community.

The competition is split into a deterministic track (a continuation of previous events) and a probabilistic track.

The Deterministic Planning Track

The Deterministic Planning Track Web site

The Deterministic Planning Track chair:
  • Alfonso Gerevini, UniversitÓ di Brescia, Italy
The Deterministic Planning Track organizing committee:
  • Alessandro Saetti, UniversitÓ di Brescia
  • Patrick Haslum, Linkoeping University
  • Yannis Dimopoulos, University of Cyprus

The Probabilistic Planning Track

The Probabilistic Planning Track Web site

The IPC-5 Probabilistic Track will include subtracks for Probabilistic Planning, Non-Deterministic Planning and Conformant Planning. The planning language is essentially the one used in the previous probabilistic planning competition, PPDDL, with minor extensions in order to handle non-determinism.

Details of the Probabilistic Track, the planning language, the form of solutions, and the evaluation can be found in the CFP document. Everyone interested in the Probabilistic Track should register by sending an email to the organizers.

More details will be communicated to the participants.

Registration and Schedule

Each participant should register by sending an email to the competition chairs. The registration deadline is JANUARY 31 2006.
The tentative schedule of the competition activities is:
  • January 31 '06: Registration deadline
  • February 15 '06: Release of plan verifiers and examples
  • February 28 '06: Release of final version of languages and server
  • March 20-26 '06: Mock competition on example domains
  • April 20-26 '06: Competition
  • June '06: Announcement of the results and winners at ICAPS'06
Possible additional (intermediate) deadlines will be communicated to the registered participants by the organizers.

Organizers of the Probabilistic track of IPC-5

  • Blai Bonet, Universidad Simˇn BolÝvar, Venezuela.
  • Bob Givan, Purdue University, USA.

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